Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Today I’d like to share with you all a little video I made of River’s physical therapy session this week. I have found a whole new way to share information and I’m very excited about it! To review again on the reasons why River is in pt are that she developed torticollus, and motor development delays. Torticollus is a quirky little condition that resulted in her infancy, she came home and we would keep her propped up for her feedings or otherwise the reflux was worse. The boppy was a handy tool, but what I didn’t realize is that she really preferred looking one way, towards the action. I rotated, but not enough. Here’s where my failure and blame comes in! She even has slight plagiocephaly. More fun stuff. This I can definitely take the blame for. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it was occurring until well into its development. Anyway, all of this and she’s in pt and we are working on her strengthening her neck so that she will hold it upright and in alignment. She does actually stay in alignment most of the time, unless she starts to get tired, then the torti neck really shows up!