Real food = Healthy Babies

Yesterday I got some of the best news that a mom can get! I found out that I’m doing a pretty damn good job at feeding my kid! I swear, even with Ewan, nothing satisfies my maternal instincts like knowing my children are eating and growing well. After a three month gap, we got to visit with Dr. Pickens, gastroenterologist. River’s check up with GI clinic was a very good dose of much anticipated growth charts after just starting blenderized diet several months ago.

Her stats are as follows: Weight – 9.62kg, or 21 lbs 3 oz, Height – .762 m, or 2′ 6″, and Head size – 44.3 cm, or 17.44″. That equates to weight 30th percentile, height 50th percentile, head 11th percentile. These are ALL HUGE IMPROVEMENTS! And that’s not even the adjusted premature infant chart scale! That’s percentiles for babies her age! There is a remarkable leap up the charts since her last visits. Everyone directly believes that her diet is the reason why. Yay!!! I feel awesome that I’m feeding her good! I felt like I had some good information from helpful social networking, but I felt like I was also winging it. Hooray for Blenderized Diet!!! We can also start moving away slowly from formula. We can start to go half and half with some whole milk, or soy or hemp milk. Depends on what she tolerates. I still suspect a diary intolerance. And we constructed a plan to do a shorter night time feed. Hopefully get up a few less times in the middle of the night!

Here are her charts. These things are usually only of interest to parents! The rest of you will get bored.

Fun right? I’m so thrilled! Dr. Pickens was very pleased, even though River was not happy to see him! First time she’s ever burst into tears as a doctor walked in the door. It took a long time to calm her down. And we also had him change out her mic-key button while we were there. It was past due, and I waited until this appointment to do it, because River really fights us these days whenever we clean it or put medicine on it!

Dr. P and Daddy helping switch the g-tube. Funny you can't see daddy in this picture

She actually held still. In tears and fear!!! It was sad, but quick and dirty. She even went down a size on her mic-key. We are seeing if a tighter fit will help to control the granulation tissue. She is now in a 1.2cm 14fr size mic-key. Technical stuff.

We also visited with a dietcian. Phuong, who was our dietician in the ICN, was actually the one who came it! It was fun to see an familiar face, and she recognized us, but certainly not River who has grown up so much since she was there last year.

River might not be eating much by mouth, but at least we can still keep her thriving and happy. It is yet another journey to get rid of this g-tube!!