Dr. Ron Woods

I found out recently that River’s cardiac surgeon is leaving Mary Bridge. This made me very sad, but also reminded me of just how grateful we felt that he was our baby’s doctor. Dr. Ron Woods is one of those people you meet that you will never forget, and one of the most important people in our lives. Granted he also must have an amazing team surrounding him to do his job well, it was also his skill and love of the craft that makes him so good.

When River first had to have surgery, at only 2 weeks old, and very tiny, only 1.7 kg, we were of course petrified and thoroughly living a trauma, not much could make us feel better, but after Pete met with Dr. Woods he was at peace, and told me I had nothing to worry about. I of course didn’t get that, I hadn’t met him yet, and I was living through the worst days of my life. But after speaking to him, I also felt the same confidence. He said all the kids he works on were his kids, that when he’s in surgery, they might as well be his own babies. He told us he wanted to be a cardiac surgeon since he was 6 years old. He told us that this is what he was meant to do, a true calling, and that is why he is on this earth. I can’t even talk about Dr. Woods without tears in my eyes!!!

He also did River’s VSD repair surgery, when she was also so small and fragile, 5.3 kg this time. I was not as terrified this time, and I knew if River could get through what she’d already lived, that she could pretty much beat anything, and having Dr. Woods and the familiarity of the hospital and nurses, I felt again at peace, and I knew everything would be ok.

Anyway, so we put together the only thing that we thought could say “thank you for saving our daughter’s life”. I mean how do you say something like that? It’s so hard, but we thought just a simple picture of our baby, her smile, her alive was the best gift.

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River Belle “We are grateful our daughter’s heart was in your hands”

Thank You Dr. Woods