About Ewan

Ewan Ryder, my son, born premature at 5 lbs 12 oz. 34 weeks old. He stayed 10 days in NICU. He was born with induced labor after having PROM (premature rupture of membranes @ 32 weeks along) and 2 weeks of hospital bed rest.

He had no major issues other than learning how to eat and a little extra oxygen.
At the age of 18 months I had to push the doctor to investigate his speech delay. He did not get into speech therapy until the age of 30 months. He has since been diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Apraxia is a rare disorder of oral motor planning function and he could understand yet not express without tons of therapy and effort on his part (and the therapist and the parents and the schools and everyone who knows and loves him.) http://www.apraxia-kids.org

He began seeing Julie, his SLP, when he was 2 1/2 years old. He still has much to work on with his apraxia but he is generally a very well understood little boy now, thanks to all of the hard work! He transitioned to the SLP at the local school district and worked with her until the end of 2nd grade. We will take our very first break from speech therapy during the school year starting next fall. He has progressed so much over the years and his speech is fully understandable. There are still certain sounds, that will require refinement. When he gets overly excited or rushed he may be hard to understand and we ask him to slow down and concentrate, and then it becomes clear. You can see his brain working to remember how to use his mouth correctly. I have no doubt that when Ewan reaches adulthood he will be a stunningly good speaker, and unless you know what to listen for, you may never know he was apraxic.






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