Release and a well deserved break

This morning was an exhausting trial of River’s, Ewan’s, and my patience. River had her Neonatal Development Clinic follow-up this morning, and I was expecting to be there a while, but not nearly 3 hours. They were way over booked! They monitor the progress of premmies, and address any concerns with development, and help you if needed with programs and therapy. But it was an exhausting and irritating wait today, and we ended up canceling her weekly PT today because River was so tired by the end.
BUT the good news is we don’t have to go back!! At 18 months old I can choose to come back if there are concerns. River has all her necessary therapists and medical care and they released us!!! One less thing.
Now as I was going over with them her medical care and how much I am there it dawned on me that this trip home to Utah starting tomorrow will not only get River to Utah, but give her and I a MUCH needed break from medical visits. Holy Crap I’m suddenly very excited to not see Mary Bridge for 2 whole weeks!!!


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